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  • REF Stockholm Sweden: What Product Have You Tried & Tested?

    The Top Recommended products I have used and at this point, you probably have too! But if you haven't keep reading and find out why these are the most loved. I recommend these for all hair types and textures with a caution warning on how much to use and how depending on your hair DENSITY. First, let's cover hair density, what does that mean exactly? Hair density is how much hair you have. It's not whether it's straight or wavy or curly or kinky coils, that would be the texture of your hair. Density is either Fine, Fine-Medium, Medium, Thick, or Extra Thick. After deciding on whether you have Fine or Thick hair look at the texture. Is your hair straight? Meaning when you let it air dry (come on, we've all been there) your hair is still straight. Maybe not silky smooth like runway ready but no waves, curls, or major bend to your hair. If you let your hair air dry and it is wavy, curling, or has major bends in the hair (not because you wore a headband or hair tie in it while it was wet, also please don't) then it is not straight and it is either wavy, curly or coily. Usually, not always but usually when your hair is wavy, curly, or coily it tends to need extra moisture to keep it from feeling or looking dry and frizzy. Keep this in mind as you go through the product reviews. Leave-In Conditioner: For all hair types, this is the number one product everyone should own. Leave In conditioner is a spray and great for daily use either out of the shower or for a quick refresh on two+ day old hair. It is weightless so all hair densities can use this product without it feeling oily or heavy on the hair. It is color safe, helps with detangling, and not only protects but strengthens your hair. All around it is amazing to have whether you color or don't color your hair. 10/10 Recommend for all! Wonder Oil: Gold in a bottle! Caution Warning Below. Okay, this product is absolutely amazing! It smells great, feels great, and leaves the hair feeling soft and smooth, controlling flyaways (the little hairs that annoyingly stand up from frizz or new growth.) and giving a nice light shine. The caution with this product is, a little goes a looooong way. So if you have fine hair start from the very ends of your hair and work your way up. Try avoiding your roots as it will make your hair oily faster and you need to use dry shampoo sooner than expected. Overall an amazing product from the smell to the feel and use just keep in mind how to properly use it and not overdo it since it is an oil it'll make your hair oily if not used properly. Heat Protectant: Must have for ANY heat use. This one is pretty self-explanatory, definitely use it if you blow dry your hair, straighten, curl or wave your hair. I also recommend it if you don't use hot tools but will be outside for long periods of time. This product is a spray that can be used on wet or dry hair and dries fairly quickly, so you don't have to wait around to start curling your hair. It also has a light hold if you happen to run out of your finishing spray this spray will save you for a bit while you restock. Thickening Spray: The Finishing Touch! Seal the deal with this spray! Why do all the hair work of curling, waving, or bending your hair in any way and not holding it in to last you the whole day? If you have that kind of free time do you want to help me style hair in the salon? lol. No seriously though, lock in your beautiful masterpiece with this spray, it's strong enough to really hold in your hairstyle without giving you a hard finish and making your hair feel stiff. This spray is very flexible so you will still be able to touch your hair and play with it throughout the day and still have it hold nicely. Great for updos as you are working the hair, after any type of wave or curl, or to control any flyaways by spraying it into a brush and going over your hair. Last but not least, Shampoo & Conditioner! There are a few options that you can most definitely mix and match as you decide what your hair needs most. While deciding what shampoo and conditioner combo you need the most consider how often you shampoo your hair in a week, what the weather or environment you are in is like, and your daily lifestyle with your hair styling habits. First up is the Weightless combo, absolutely perfect for FINE hair. Remember density not texture. If your hair is prone to looking and feeling weighed down or greasy AFTER you shampoo and conditioned your products are most likely too heavy, you could be using too much or you need to shampoo more often but let's leave that for the "How to do haircare at home like a pro." Next is the Illuminate series, this is a great color-safe option if you come in for a root retouch, or like to refresh your all-over color, for the client with vivids or brunette tones, this set is for you. Up next is the Hydration set, this is perfect for frizzy-prone hair, very curly with medium to extra thick hair. Now if you have thick hair but its texture is straight and holds on to products like crazy you can mix and match. Use the hydration shampoo but try the weightless or illuminate conditioner. Or let's say you need lots of hydration but also need to repair your hair and strengthen it, so do hydration shampoo and repair conditioner. The repair set is best for you if you have overused your hot tools, consistently color your hair, and don't let your hair rest too much from the ponytails, buns, or high-tension hairstyles. If you feel your hair is super dry, and frizzy and just needs life added back into it then this is the set for you, again keep in mind your density and possibly add other hair treatments in the mix to assist as you work to strengthen your hair but shampoo and conditioner combos are step one in that treatment plan. As you read through these products know from weightless to repair the consistency of the product is heavier, so you can definitely use the shampoos but consider the conditioner possibly being too heavy for the density of your hair, so mix and match to better suit your needs. Have fine hair but need to repair it? Try the Repair shampoo but use the weightless conditioner and pair it with the leave-in conditioner. If you would like a hair care card made just for you fill out the consultation form under the New Client tab and I will email yours to you!

  • How to care for extensions

    The number one thing to remember with all extension methods is brushing your hair multiple times daily. Brushing is vital to a nice healthy grow out with no matting or dreading as your new growth starts coming in. The rest of these hair care tips are necessary for proper care of your extensions and your own hair. So let’s start with wash days. Take a wide tooth comb, denman brush or wet brush in the shower with you and brush your hair from the roots down before adding shampoo. Once you have shampooed your hair add your conditioner mids to ends and brush again. This time starting with your ends and working your way up. Now that you are done and out of the shower make sure to thoroughly blow dry your hair. Please don't forget your hair prep routine, this could include your leave in conditioner spray, heat protectant, smoothing or curling serum. Your bed time routine may change a bit but not too much hopefully! Starting with brushing your hair and making sure you brush where your extensions are to detangle your hair especially if you’re needing to move them up soon. The longer your roots are the more prone they are to dreading into one another. Aside from needing your extension brush you also need to grab a hair tie, make sure you have a silk pillowcase, and a head scarf or bonnet. Those items will make maintaining your extensions so much easier especially for your morning routine. Mornings you are set with styling or touching up your hair and maybe adding a little bit of products to maintain your style throughout the day. Super easy and simple if you've done your night time routine. During the summer I know pools and the beach are on a lot of peoples lists so here are a few tips to help you during pool season! If you plan on getting your hair wet make sure to wet it with tap water and adding conditioner in it before jumping in the pool or going into the ocean. I don't recommend putting it in a tight braid of any kind if you plan on wetting your hair. Salt water as it dries makes your hair stiff and holds the style but not in a smooth, soft braid type of way. If you want your extensions to last I recommend not even getting them wet at the beach or with pool treated water. If you have blonde extensions do not forget to wet and condition your hair before getting in the pool as it can turn your hair green or pink and ruin your extensions. Move up Appointments: Make sure to pre book your move up appointment to avoid past due appointments for your hair maintenance. Your move up appointments are typically shorter than the inital install considering the home hair care routine has been followed and your extensions are not missing, damaged, or dreaded. For all extension methods it is best to arrive with clean, dry hair to easily move all of your extensions up. For I-Tip extensions your maintenance appointment is set between 4-6 weeks from your initial install day. For the Weft extension method you are looking at a 5 week move up date from your initial appointment. Any longer than the dates set above may require a removal and reinstallation of your extensions. Move ups are possible for 2-3 visits after the initial installation and after the third you will need a full removal and reinstallation of your extensions. I hope these hair care tips were helpful in either deciding to get extensions or in maintaining your current install. If you are considering extensions head over to the New Client tab and fill out the consultation form so we can go over your options.

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