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Returning Client

Your Guide to easily navigate through services you need. *If you haven't been in to see me in six months please refer to the New Client tab & fill out the client consultation form to properly schedule you.


For a quick refresh all around the hairline book the Mini Session. This option is also best for adding pops of color! 15% coverage

If you need more than just the hairline halo, meaning the side quadrants and top half of the crown area (sides and top of your head) book a Light Foil Session. This option creates a veil of coverage making it the best option for a heavily dimensional style or a touch up from a heavy foil.

25-35% coverage

For a fuller lightening session to cover all parts of your hair but leaving subtle dimension to keep that soft grow out and soft dimension all around, a Heavy Foil Session is what you need. Also a great touch up service for a Max Me out client.

50-65% coverage

"Max Me Out" session is for a major transformation, color correction or full platinum card. This service will leave you with more blonde or lighter tones than not. 

75-100% coverage

Please fill out the consultation form before booking an appointment as a new extension client with me.

We will be in touch to decide what extension method is best for you and your daily lifestyle.

I currently offer I-tip and Weft extension installs. I do not offer tape or keratin extensions at this moment.

If you are a returning extension client and want to take a break from extensions, book the Extension Removal service.

On my booking site you will see the beyond maintenance upkeep option which is the service to book if you need a maintenance appointment but missed the 4-6 week window.


For extra short hair a haircut is recommended every 3-6 weeks to maintain your overall hairstyle.

For Medium, Long and Extra Long length clients a haircut is recommended every 6-12 weeks

depending on our set hair care plan and goals. But most definitely to maintain healthy strong hair.



Treatments are recommended at least twice a month for color treated and dandruff prone hair. Each treatment is an add-on service and can be paired with a blowout as well as color, cut, blonding & extension services.

If you are having problems with a dry, itchy, flaky scalp the hot oil scalp treatment is best for you and recommended at least twice a month.

For hair that is consistently tangled, dry, brittle feeling then a hydrating deep conditioning treatment is best for you and recommended for every service and as needed with your personal hair care plan we've created.

For hair that has been chemically damaged or strained, as well as heat damaged or damaged from your daily lifestyle and needs to be revived the K18 Reparative treatment is highly recommended. It rebuilds the polypeptide bonds in your hair not only working on the outside damage but rebuilding internally saving your hair from further damage AND past damage as well.

These services are your maintenance services as well as the options list to go darker or a bit more low maintenance from our usual color services.

For maintenance a root retouch is recommended every 4-8 weeks depending on hair growth.

A Gloss is recommended every 6-8 weeks for overall tonal control.

All over color refreshes are recommended every 4-6 months as the color starts to dull with shampooing and daily lifestyle, I.e. hot tools, sun exposure etc.

And a Reverse Balayage is the option to making a heavily blonde or lighter toned hair color more natural by adding in more dimension. Dimension: being thoroughly thought out pieces of your hair taken back to your natural hair color or darker toner in general to make your existing color look more natural/ softer. Creating contrast and overall a low maintenance hair style.

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