REF Stockholm Sweden: What Product Have You Tried & Tested?

The Top Recommended products I have used and at this point, you probably have too! But if you haven't keep reading and find out why these are the most loved.

I recommend these for all hair types and textures with a caution warning on how much to use and how depending on your hair DENSITY.

First, let's cover hair density, what does that mean exactly? Hair density is how much hair you have. It's not whether it's straight or wavy or curly or kinky coils, that would be the texture of your hair. Density is either Fine, Fine-Medium, Medium, Thick, or Extra Thick.

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After deciding on whether you have Fine or Thick hair look at the texture. Is your hair straight? Meaning when you let it air dry (come on, we've all been there) your hair is still straight. Maybe not silky smooth like runway ready but no waves, curls, or major bend to your hair. If you let your hair air dry and it is wavy, curling, or has major bends in the hair (not because you wore a headband or hair tie in it while it was wet, also please don't) then it is not straight and it is either wavy, curly or coily. Usually, not always but usually when your hair is wavy, curly, or coily it tends to need extra moisture to keep it from feeling or looking dry and frizzy. Keep this in mind as you go through the product reviews.

Leave-In Conditioner: For all hair types, this is the number one product everyone should own.

Leave In conditioner is a spray and great for daily use either out of the shower or for a quick refresh on two+ day old hair. It is weightless so all hair densities can use this product without it feeling oily or heavy on the hair. It is color safe, helps with detangling, and not only protects but strengthens your hair. All around it is amazing to have whether you color or don't color your hair. 10/10 Recommend for all!