How to care for extensions

The number one thing to remember with all extension methods is brushing your hair multiple times daily. Brushing is vital to a nice healthy grow out with no matting or dreading as your new growth starts coming in.

The rest of these hair care tips are necessary for proper care of your extensions and your own hair. So let’s start with wash days. Take a wide tooth comb, denman brush or wet brush in the shower with you and brush your hair from the roots down before adding shampoo. Once you have shampooed your hair add your conditioner mids to ends and brush again. This time starting with your ends and working your way up.

Now that you are done and out of the shower make sure to thoroughly blow dry your hair. Please don't forget your hair prep routine, this could include your leave in conditioner spray, heat protectant, smoothing or curling serum.

Your bed time routine may change a bit but not too much hopefully!

Starting with brushing your hair and making sure you brush where your extensions are to detangle your hair especially if you’re needing to move them up soon. The longer your roots are the more prone they are to dreading into one another.

Aside from needing your extension brush you also need to grab a hair tie, make sure you have a silk pillowcase, and a head scarf or bonnet.

Those items will make maintaining your extensions so much easier especially for your morning routine.

Mornings you are set with styling or touching up your hair and maybe adding a little bit of products to maintain your style throughout the day. Super easy and simple if you've done your night time routine.

During the summer I know pools and the beach are on a lot of peoples lists so here are a few tips to help you during pool season!

If you plan on getting your hair wet make sure to wet it with tap water and adding conditioner in it before jumping in the pool or going into the ocean.

I don't recommend putting it in a tight braid of any kind if you plan on wetting your hair. Salt water as it dries makes your hair stiff and holds the style but not in a smooth, soft braid type of way. If you want your extensions to last I recommend not even getting them wet at the beach or with pool treated water. If you have blonde extensions do not forget to wet and condition your hair before getting in the pool as it can turn your hair green or pink and ruin your extensions.

Move up Appointments:

Make sure to pre book your move up appointment to avoid past due appointments for you