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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are the most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have a question that's not listed below, hit the button and submit your question. Please allow up to 48 hrs for a response. Thank you, con toda mi alma.

What shampoo should I be using?

Hair products all depend ultimately on lifestyle. I go over what products I highly recommend in the moment with you during your appointments. As time goes on those products will change based on needs due to weather, consistent activities, color services and so on.

But the easy answer is if your hair is in dire need of moisture and repair  the Ultimate Repair set is for you. That’s the shampoo, conditioner and masque. Add in the Wonder Oil and Leave in Treatment and you are on your way to healthy, strong hair!

If your hair isn't in need of either but is chemically treated in any way the Illuminate set is for you. Add in a Leave in Conditioner and Heat Protectant and you're golden! 

If you just need the moisture and hydration without the repair the Hydrate set is for you. Add in the Stay Smooth, Leave In Conditioner and the Wonder Oil and you are ready!

If you have fine hair and products weigh heavy on your hair the Weightless set is a perfect fit for you with the Leave in Conditioner and the Dry Shampoo you won’t have to stress about oily hair all day!

What service should I book under?

If you are a new client go to the New Client tab under Services on the main menu bar and read through how to book, what to expect and how things will flow for you in the future.

For returning clients go to the Returning Client tab under Services on the main menu bar and read through your guide. This will help you decide what service is best for you if we were unable to pre-book you during your last service. There you will find a link to the booking site to schedule once you've decided on your needed services and the confirmation email and texts will be on their way!

When are you open/available?

Currently my schedule is open Wednesday Through Saturday 9AM to 6PM.

My availability will show in real time when you are scheduling an appointment showing you the earliest available appointment first.

And yes, services are only available by appointment.

Can I brush my hair wet, or should I be brushing it dry?

Brushing your hair and when all depends on the type of brush you are using and the hair products you are using. I definitely recommend wet with a leave in conditioner or just conditioner while in the shower. Using a wide tooth comb, wet brush, or denman brush. Towel dried with a leave in conditioner, detangler, cream conditioner or smoothing product. Dry with a mist or detangler, a serum, oil, or spray leave in conditoner. Brushing dry I recommend a boar brush with and without the plastic bristles through out the brush. 

What can I do to help grow and thicken my thin hair?

Growing your hair and or bringing it back to a healthy state takes a lot of patience. The first thing I recommend  are vitamins. Collagen, Biotin, Keratin or Zinc. Not all at once. You should ask your doctor which one is best for you if you have any pre existing health conditions. I have also recommended rice water hair masks as they have been backed by dermatologists and doctors as well. And last but not least a Rosemary Oil treatment twice a month. The process takes a lot of patience and consistency but the reward is great!

When am I suppose to come back for a touch up?

We will cover this during your appointment to help keep you on track with your hair and avoid major hair projects trying to re touch 6 inch roots. If you were unable to pre book at the time of your appointment go through the Returning Client guide to assist you in scheduling for your next appointment even if it's not for a touch up but a change in overall hairstyle.

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