About Vanessa Michelle

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Welcome to Sol Y Alma & to a piece of my world, where I meet more and more people that impact me and I get to impact as well!

I love to meet and develop relationships with people and being able to get the chance to make them feel beautiful, empowered, free to be vulnerable, comfortable, and relaxed. 

I know what an amazing opportunity right? 

My name is Vanessa Michelle, I am a mother, 1st Gen. Latina Americana, & a Dallas Native livin' the country life! 
I am a social introvert 🦋; Yes I love people but I also very much enjoy my solitude 😊. Hints the country livin' lol. And when I say country yes I mean farm animals, a very small tight-knit community of neighbors and tractors and such 😅. 
I also enjoy traveling, trying new foods: especially pasta plates 🤪, doing adventurous and knowledgeable things with the kiddo, and dancing: either at home or out and about 😊. 

I really do love what I do! Hair is so much more than just coloring, cutting, or adding length. I am so humbled and grateful for my skill set because I get to bring back confidence in someone. I have a hand in building their self-esteem and that’s such an honor to me.  I create a space to de-stress and just all around build relationships with people and for that I am truly grateful 🥲💜. 

As the business grows so do my skills. I enjoy taking classes to learn all about new trends, products, the chemistry behind it all, and new techniques to add to my toolbox to make all of your hair goals a reality.

If you'd like to know more about my day-to-day life to get a feel on if we vibe well, just head on over to my Instagram and view my daily stories, reels and overall feed and let’s connect!

If we’ve met, I am grateful for you 🫶🏽. If we haven’t yet, I hope we get to meet soon! Have a wonderful day and know you are worthy of it! 🥰

-Vanessa Michelle-