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About Vanessa Michelle

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A Little modification with a great impact!
Welcome! Bienvenidos! Here at Sol Y Alma I love to Color, Cut, and Lengthen hair (add extensions 😉 ).

My name is Vanessa Michelle, I am a Dallas Native born and raised. Add a little spice to who I am by being a First Generation Latina, with a lot of my raising being deeply rooted in my Mexican Culture. Along with my caring and nurturing side as a sister and mother.

And last but not least, my hype-empowering motivational energy as a loyal and genuine friend and stylist!

At Sol Y Alma you have the luxury of getting service in a private studio where the vibe can be completely tailored to you. If you want soft ambient music with a nice essential oil diffused and a glass of wine or cup of tea it's totally possible. Or if you'd like a bit more of an upbeat environment with a mixed drink 🍹, and all your favorite songs going I can do that too!

No matter the mood, beverages, snacks, candies, mints, wifi, and Alexa are always available.

Let's connect! Follow me on Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, FB, or Linkdin. I post content on each to share tips, tricks, availability, schedule changes, and day-to-day life events to stay connected.

Sol Y Alma LLC is my username for each or just click on the icons to lead you directly to my social sites.


If you are a new client or we haven't seen each other in six months+ then head on over to the New Client tab & check out how to secure your next appointment with me.

See you soon! 🖤 

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